L3 Harris to Build Infrared Payloads for the Space Development Agency’s Missile Tracking Program

Satellites with infrared payloads enhance global threat detection, warning, and tracking of advanced missile systems for defense capabilities
  • Defensemirror.com bureau
  • 08:51 AM, May 3, 2024
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L3 Harris to Build Infrared Payloads for the Space Development Agency’s Missile Tracking Program

L3Harris Technologies has been contracted to develop eight infrared payloads for the Space Development Agency's Fire-control On Orbit-support-to-the-war Fighter (FOO Fighter) program.

The contract was awarded to L3Harris by Millennium Space Systems, a Boeing Company.

The FOO Fighter satellite system will integrate fire control-quality sensors into a scalable prototype constellation. These satellites will operate as a distinct program, focusing on tracking specific threats not covered by the existing tracking constellation.

In response to escalating global threats, the experimental FOO Fighter satellites will assess new technologies to address potential gaps in missile defense capabilities within the Department of Defense's portfolio. Equipped with L3Harris electro-optical infrared sensors, the satellites will enhance fire control support for global threat detection, warning, and precise tracking of advanced missile systems, including hypersonic missiles.

The infrared payloads for this project will be manufactured by L3Harris in Wilmington, Massachusetts.

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