Russian Firm Unveils RT Protect EDR Cyber Defense System

The system aims to replace foreign solutions from Cisco, Microsoft, and McAfee in the Russian market.
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  • 06:16 AM, May 22, 2024
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Russian Firm Unveils RT Protect EDR Cyber Defense System

RT-Information Security, a division of the Rostec State Corporation, introduced RT Protect EDR, a domestically developed cybersecurity system designed to detect and automatically counter cyber-attacks on end devices at the CIPR-2024 forum.

RT Protect EDR is already in use at Rostec’s aircraft, engine, and defense enterprises. The system offers protection against cyber threats targeting organizations by analyzing the behavior of objects in email and internet traffic, monitoring network activity, and conducting anomaly analysis. These capabilities enable precise identification of malicious changes. The system is set to replace similar foreign solutions available in the Russian market, including those from Cisco, Microsoft, and McAfee.

The system generates alerts for security officers to investigate based on data from protected network hosts. Upon investigation, security personnel can determine the threat level and take necessary actions.

“Protecting hosts, such as user computers, in organizations is becoming more and more challenging every year. Previously, this function was performed by antiviruses. Now this is not enough. Cybercriminals have expanded and refined their arsenal to penetrate enterprise IT infrastructures. At the same time, they now focus not so much on the speed of performing malicious actions, but on minimizing traces of presence,” Alexander Nazarov, Deputy General Director of Rostec, said.

Nazarov highlighted the increasing complexity of protecting organizational hosts, noting that traditional antiviruses are no longer sufficient. RT Protect EDR uses special algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to help security teams detect and respond to attacker activities effectively.

The CIPR conference, held from May 21 to May 24 at the Nizhny Novgorod Fair, features Rostec State Corporation as its strategic partner.

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