Fincantieri Marinette Marine Wins $1B for U.S. Navy’s Constellation-class Frigates

The Pentagon announced this contract on May 23, 2024.
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Fincantieri Marinette Marine Wins $1B for U.S. Navy’s Constellation-class Frigates
Constellation-class frigate illustration @U.S. Navy

The Pentagon today awarded a modification contract worth $1 billion to Marinette Marine Corp., for detail design and construction of two Constellation-class guided-missile frigates, FFG 66 and FFG 67.

Work is expected to be completed by April 2030. 

The Constellation-Class Guided-Missile Frigate (FFG 62) is the U.S. Navy's next-generation small surface combatant, designed as an agile, multi-mission warship capable of operating in both deep-water and coastal environments. It aims to enhance the Navy's combat-ready forward presence, providing a strategic military advantage at sea.

Construction of the Future USS Constellation (FFG 62) began in September 2022, with the program undergoing Early Integration Testing for the combat system, primary propulsion equipment, and related networks.

The FFG 62 will feature multi-mission capabilities, including air warfare, anti-submarine warfare, surface warfare, and electromagnetic maneuver warfare. These capabilities will be supported by an Enterprise Air Surveillance Radar (EASR), Baseline Ten (BL10) Aegis Combat System, Mk 41 Vertical Launch System, communications systems, countermeasures, and enhanced electronic warfare/information operations capacity, with design flexibility for future upgrades. The ship's general characteristics include a builder of Marinette Marine Corporation, a length of 496.1 feet, a beam of 64.6 feet, a displacement of 7,291 long tons, and a draft of 18 feet.

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