Ukrainian Drone Travels 1,800 Km to Strike Russian Early Warning Radar

Ukrainian Drone Targets Key Russian Radar Facility in Orsk, Marking First Attack on the City Since Invasion Began
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  • 08:17 AM, May 28, 2024
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Ukrainian Drone Travels 1,800 Km to Strike Russian Early Warning Radar
Voronezh-DM radar deployment site @ Google Earth

A long-range drone operated by Ukraine's military intelligence (HUR) attacked an early-warning Voronezh M radar in Orsk, Orenburg Oblast, Russia, on May 26.

This is according to a source in the agency speaking to the Kyiv Independent on May 27.

This marks the first time Ukraine has targeted facilities in Orsk, approximately 1,800 kilometers from the drone's launch site.

Russian media reported on May 26 that a drone fell in the Novoorsk district suburbs of Orsk, allegedly aiming at a military facility.

The military intelligence source indicated that the full consequences of the attack are still being assessed. Later, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Schemes project released satellite images of the radar system post-attack. Despite the low resolution, dark spots, likely fire traces from the drone strike, were visible on May 27, seemingly confirming the attack. No damages or casualties were reported.

Russia's radar network is used to detect enemy missile launches and assess potential nuclear threats. In 2017, Russia's state TASS news agency reported that three advanced Voronezh-type radars, including one in the Orenburg region, had entered service.

Additionally, on May 23, Ukraine's military intelligence struck another Voronezh radar in the village of Glubokii, Krasnodar Krai, causing a fire.

The Voronezh radar provides long-distance airspace monitoring, focusing on ballistic missile attacks and aircraft, with an operational range of up to 6,000 kilometers (around 3,700 miles). In early May, a Ukrainian long-range drone hit an oil refinery in Bashkortostan, covering 1,500 km, a record distance for Ukraine at that time. In April, Ukraine targeted production facilities in Russia's Tatarstan Republic, 1,300 km from the state border.

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