Dutch Army Acquires 120mm Mortars for CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Nearly all Dutch CV90 vehicles will undergo a midlife upgrade (MLU) by 2026
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  • 01:27 PM, June 11, 2024
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Dutch Army Acquires 120mm Mortars for CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles
CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The Dutch Defense Ministry has announced the procurement of new 120mm mortars to be integrated into the CV90 infantry fighting vehicles.

These systems, manufactured by the Swedish company BAE Hägglunds, are set to provide enhanced mobility and firepower to armored infantry units for an extended period.

The mortars are scheduled for delivery starting in 2028. Specifically designed to support armored infantry units, the mortars are capable of engaging both enemy armored units and dismounted infantry, thereby augmenting the operational effectiveness of infantry forces both now and in the future.

Compared to the existing 81mm mortars currently employed by mechanized units, the new 120mm mortars offer significantly improved capabilities. With a longer range of 7-12 kilometers (compared to 6 kilometers for the 81mm mortars) and a higher rate of fire, they are set to provide greater reach and firepower on the battlefield. Moreover, advancements in modern command, control, communications, and intelligence (C4I) resources, along with the integration of GPS-controlled ammunition, aim to enhance accuracy and precision in targeting.

One notable advantage of the new mortar systems is their integration into the chassis of the CV90. This upgrade offers improved protection for soldiers with stronger armor and eliminates the need for personnel to expose themselves outside the vehicle to operate the weapons. Additionally, the larger size of the CV90 allows for increased onboard capacity for personnel, ammunition, and equipment, further enhancing operational efficiency.

The implementation of these mortar systems comes as part of a broader initiative to modernize the Dutch army's mechanized units. Almost all CV90 vehicles will undergo a midlife upgrade (MLU) by 2026, ensuring their operational relevance until the end of their service life in 2039. Following the MLU, the integration of the mortar systems is expected to be completed by 2028. Separate projects will focus on acquiring the necessary ammunition to support these new capabilities.

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