German Military Receives Hensoldt Spotter 42 Observation Optics

The Spotter 42 increases the snipers' night combat capability.
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  • 06:10 AM, June 20, 2024
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German Military Receives Hensoldt Spotter 42 Observation Optics
Spotter 42 @Hensoldt

HENSOLDT is now equipping the German Armed Forces with an additional 90 Spotter 42 units.

The first batch of Spotter 42 was delivered to the military last year. It complements HENSOLDT's Spotter 60, which is already in use within the troops, and replaces a predecessor model.

Compared to the Spotter 60, the magnification range of the Spotter 42 starts at six times instead of twenty times. The Spotter 42 is therefore optimized for use with night vision and thermal imaging attachments (NSV and IRV). The result is an improvement in observation capability in restricted visibility conditions. It offers a large field of view, edge-to-edge sharpness, and better image quality across the entire magnification range of 6-42x.

The observation optics have become more compact thanks to a modified optical concept. The result is a high magnification range with low initial magnification while simultaneously reducing weight. The Spotter 42 complies with Bundeswehr specifications and features steplessly adjustable reticle illumination as well as an integrated laser filter that compensates for the magnification-related increase in the radiance of harmful laser radiation without noticeably impairing the visual transmission values.

The accessories include a long mounting rail with a Picatinny profile on both sides, allowing attachments of different heights to be used. Additional mounting rails on the device enable the attachment of various additional devices such as target pointers or rangefinders.

The Spotter 42 enhances the night combat capability of snipers by increasing their ability to observe in restricted visibility, thus making an important contribution to increasing the combat readiness of the German armed forces. The Spotter 42 was very well received by users and procurers from the military authorities of European nations at EnforceTac 2024 in Nuremberg and will be offered as a series device. In a further expansion stage, it will receive additional functional additions in the future that will expand its area of use.

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