Eurofighter Typhoon To Defend London Air Space During The Olympic Games

  • 12:00 AM, July 5, 2012
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The Olympic Games will be given a special guard this year as the Eurofighter Typhoon takes to the skies to secure the air space over London. In anticipation of the games which lasts from 27th July to 12th August, the Royal Air Force is conducting extensive training over London. Air Commodore Gary Waterfall, Deputy Air Component Commander of the RAF said, “Whilst there is no specific threat to the Games, we have to be ready for whatever occurs and play our part in what will be a safe and secure Olympics for all to enjoy”. Eurofighter CEO, Enzo Casolini, commented: “Eurofighter Typhoon has always offered unparalled air-to-air capabilities offering deterence to all kinds of threats. Now this swing-role aircraft can highlight once again its outstanding operational performance just as the athletes will prove their elite sporting performance during the Olympics”. The Eurofighter Typhoon will be on a Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as part of the Air Security Plan for the Olympic Games which builds on the RAF’s existing defence of UK air space. During the length of the Games, the Eurofighter Typhoon will be on rotation from the air forces’ six Typhoon squadrons with additional assets holding QRA from RAF Northolt, Middlesex. During the Winter Olympics in 2006, the Eurofighter undertook its first operational mission, defending the air space over Turin, under the command of the Italian Air Force. Since then, the Eurofighter has protected the skies during various international events such as the Euro 2008 Football Championship in Austria and Switzerland and annually protecting the skies over the World Economic Forum in Davos.