GD Delivers First Systems Information Exploitation / Health and Usage Monitoring System To UK

  • 12:00 AM, August 13, 2012
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The British MoD has taken delivery of the first fully qualified vehicle Systems Information Exploitation / Health and Usage Monitoring System (SIE/HUMS) ‘box’ just four months after the contract was signed. The SIE/HUMS system can automatically monitor each vehicle returning to base from operations and identify whether it needs any repair or service. The data is uploaded wirelessly to the fleet manager’s system, eliminating the need to check over each vehicle individually. The data can then be used to order the right spare parts for the right vehicles at the right time. The system will lessen the load on the logistics system and lower maintenance costs whilst improving turnaround time across the fleet, ensuring they can be back in operations as quickly as possible. The SIE/HUMS boxes have been manufactured and tested to stringent MoD standards by General Dynamics UK, working in partnership with a South Wales small and medium enterprise (SME),Analogue and Micro Ltd., to ensure the integration into the 578 vehicles in the operational training fleet can begin as quickly as possible. Minister for Defence Equipment Support and Technology, Peter Luff said, “ This technology will help keep more of our vehicles on the road and available for training. These companies show exactly what can be achieved when prime contractors and small and medium-sized companies work closely together to meet a common goal. Being able to provide kit for our troops quickly is vital and I am keen to see more of this kind of success across the defence industry”. Mark Douglas, vice president at General Dynamics UK, said, “ Our ability to deliver the first fully compliant SIE/HUMS box into the Minister’s hands today, only four months after contract signature, is a result of selecting suppliers who are suitably qualified and motivated to work to the timeframes and standards required by military programmes. This work clearly demonstrates what can be achieved when prime contractors like ourselves work with companies from the small and medium enterprise community. We remain a strong advocate of SME businesses as they prove innovative, enthusiastic and most importantly cost-effective”.