India To Develop Future Infantry Soldier System

  • Our Bureau
  • 03:39 PM, March 18, 2013
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India’s Ordnance Factory Board today revealed its plans to develop a future infantry soldier system -- an all weather suit with tactical gear to equip the armed forces to counter rising challenges on the borders and terrorist activities.


"We are in the process of making a future infantry soldier system. The system will be integrated and designed in such a way that a soldier is able to engage enemies day and night, summer or winter with an upper hand. It will take three years time," member of the Ordnance Factory Board Sartaj Singh was quoted as saying.


The system will be designed for soldiers, fighting in mountainous terrains like Kargil and Siachen, known for its harsh weather conditions. The helmet of the new suit will be equipped with a visor, which will act as a screen, displaying the position of enemy soldiers behind obstacles with the help of satellite coordinates, according to the Press Trust of India.


The system will also be designed to maintain blood pressure, body temperature and pulse rate of the soldier.


"The system will be equipped in such a way that it will get coordinates from satellites and other technologies," Singh said.


He said that the system was being developed in collaboration with the Indian Army and the DRDO, so that there is no delay in decision-making.