UVZ Corp. Unveils New Equipments At Russian Arms Expo 2013

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  • 02:45 PM, October 3, 2013
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UVZ Corporation presented 8 new products in its extensive line of special equipment at the Russia Arms Expo 2013.

The centrepiece of the new products is Tank Support Fighting Vehicle BMPT-72 also known as Terminator-2 - a breakthrough modernization of the T-72 tank. Presentation of the unique product will take place on the second day of the exhibition. In general, URALVAGONZAVOD Corporation today puts emphasis on modernization of T-72 tank and there are two new designs among the UVZ products - modernized T-72 tanks. 

The first one is the modernized T-72 tank with a set of protection equipment for allowing survival of the tank and the crew in urban combat against extensively used anti-tank means including radio-controlled mines and explosive devices. As part of the demonstration program it will use a special kit designed for action in the city to clear away road blocks. Moreover, the tank commander can fire from a protected machine gun. 

The second product is the modernized tank T-72 with "Arena-E" active protection system. The active protection system "Arena-E" is designed to protect the tank from anti-tank weapons – LAW rockets, high-explosive antitank projectiles and anti-tank guided missiles including overfly top attack weapons. 

One of the most interesting innovations is the model of a heavy wheeled infantry fighting vehicle “ATOM” with a 57-mm automatic turret. It is a joint design of UVZ (OJSC “Central Scientific Research Institute “Burevestnik”) and the French Renault Trucks Defense – one of the world’s leading companies in manufacturing a wide range of tactical vehicles, wheeled armoured vehicles and power units for armoured vehicles. ATOM is designed for troop transportation, shooting from inside the vehicle and dismounted shooters fire support. There is a weapon station equipped with 57-mm automatic turret for location and strike of light armour and soft-target, troops, air threats like UAV, aircrafts and helicopters both at day and at night, on the move or from a stationary position. 

For the first time a special fire truck was presented. It was developed by OJSC “Design Office OF Transport Mechanical Engineering” (located in Omsk) using systems of T-72 and T-80 tanks. Its purpose is fire-fighting, accident rescue operations and preventive measures at arsenals, bases and rocket and ammunition warehouses of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. It can clear passages to points of outbreak of fire, make fire breaks in case of forest fires. This machine is unique because it allows to upgrade old armoured vehicles, and for its technical capabilities. The volume of its water tank is 25 cubic meters - almost a full reservoir. The machine can operate without the crew - in a remote control mode. 

Another new product of "Uralvagonzavod" Corporation is a two-section crawler-transporter DT30P1 (OJSC “Engineering Company “Knight” located in Ishimbay) with an exceptional lifting capacity of 30 tons. There is also a 152-mm self-propelled howitzer 2S19M2 (OJSC “Ural Transport Machinery Plant” (URALTRANSMASH) located in Yekaterinburg) with improved tactical and technical performance, increased firing speed of up to 10 rounds per minute, reduced deployment time at the firing position, and also a floating transporter PTS-4 (OJSC “Design Office OF Transport Mechanical Engineering” (located in Omsk) . 

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