Taiwan to Produce 100+ Iranian Shahed 136-Like Chien Hsiang Loitering Munitions by

November 22, 2022 @ 04:19 AM

Taiwan wants to produce 104 Chien Hsiang loitering munitions which bears similarities with Iran-produced Shahed-136 drones currently in use by Russia against Ukraine, within the next three years. Chi Li-ping, head of NCSIST, was quoted as saying by

Who fired the Alleged S-300 Missile at Poland?

November 16, 2022 @ 11:00 AM

A “Russia-made” alleged S-300 missile struck eastern Poland on Tuesday afternoon, marking the first time since Ukraines invasion that weapons came down on a NATO country. But, who fired it? Both Russian and Ukrainian forces have used Russia-made munitions during the nine-month conflict, with the latter deploying Russia-produced missiles as part...

Germany May Reduce ‘Dependency’ on Swiss Weapons after Switzerland Blocks Munitions Export...

November 7, 2022 @ 06:20 AM

Traditionally neutral Switzerland has yet again blocked Germany from sending Swiss-made munitions to warn-torn Ukraine, which may force Germany to reduce its "dependency" on importing weapons, even from the “neutral” country. “There is no reason to reply favorably to the German request to transmit Swiss military equipment to Ukraine,” Economic Affairs...

Iranian Vessel Damaged in 2020 Fire Modernized to Carry Cruise Missiles

November 5, 2022 @ 08:24 AM

Iranian Navys Konarak support vessel that was damaged in friendly fire in 2020 has now been completely redesigned. Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani told

China’s KJ-500 Early Warning Aircraft Spotted in Zhuhai with Aerial Refueling Probe...

November 4, 2022 @ 08:28 AM

Chinas KJ-500 early warning aircraft has been spotted with an aerial refueling probe above its nose in Zhuhai, ahead of the Airshow China 2022 (Nov.8-13)

Chinese H-6K Armed with New Russian Kinzhal-like Hypersonic Air-Launched Ballistic Missile?

November 4, 2022 @ 06:45 AM

Chinas H-6K bomber has made an appearance with new weapons – possibly new hypersonic air-launched ballistic missiles similar to Russias Kinzhal – for the first time, ahead of the upcoming Airshow China 2022. The H-6K carried one such missile on each wing

Ukraine Requests Israel’s Iron Dome

October 20, 2022 @ 05:38 AM

Ukraines government has officially sent a request to Israel for the Iron Dome air defense system for use against Russias relentless missile attacks. Russia has been using a number of drones such as Shahed 136 and Mohajer-6 produced in Iran, Israels arch rival

Ukrainian Official Lambastes Famed Turkish Bayraktar UAV in a Prank Call with...

October 19, 2022 @ 03:37 AM

A top Ukrainian official mocked Turkey-produced Bayraktar TB2 combat drones effectiveness during an "interview" with Russian pranksters. Sergey Pashinsky, a politician who also heads the Association of Defense Enterprises of Ukraine, told pranksters Vovan and Lexus – posing as former U

Poland-origin Ukrainian Air Defenses Shoot Down Iran-made Shahed UAVs Containing Polish Components

October 12, 2022 @ 06:14 AM

Ukraines Army shot down several Russia-launched, Iran-made Shahed-136 drones using air defense systems supplied by Poland. Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhnyi confirmed in a

Ukraine Shows off Russian Tor & Strela Anti-Aircraft Systems in Liberated Kherson

October 10, 2022 @ 05:24 AM

Ukraines troops showed off Russian Tor and Strela-10 air defense systems after retaking territory in Kherson province. Videos circulating on social media on Sunday shows Ukraines armored vehicle being used to tow a Russian Tor-M2 9A331M surface-to-air missile system

Norway’s Nammo to Create New 120mm Ammo for S.Korea's K2 Tank...

October 6, 2022 @ 01:32 PM

Nammo has agreed to develop new and modern 120mm ammunition for K2 main battle tank produced by South Koreas Hyundai Rotem. The first test shots have already been fired, the company has announced