Anglo-French Future Cruise Missile Programme Passes Its Key Review

March 20, 2019 @ 01:39 PM

Anglo-French future cruise missile programme has passed a key review jointly conducted with Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) and the Direction Générale de lArmement (DGA), the British and French armament procurement agencies. The conclusion part of the review helps the two nations to select the most promising missile concepts, MBDA said...

India Test-fires Man Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM)

March 16, 2019 @ 10:50 AM

India test-fired its home-made Man Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM) in the Pokhran region of Rajasthan, on Thursday. “In both the missions, the missiles hit the designated targets precisely at different ranges

US Likely to Test its Ground-launched Cruise Missile this Year

March 14, 2019 @ 11:52 AM

The United States has planned to carry out tests of its ground-launched cruise missile with a range of about 1,000 km (620 miles) in August this year. “Were going to test a ground-launched cruise missile in August,” senior defense official told Reuters today

Russian Armed Forces Received Over 200 ICBMs Since 2012

March 12, 2019 @ 08:52 AM

The Russian armed forces have received over 200 inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that include both land-based and submarine-launched since 2012, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoidu said. In the past sx years, the Armed Forces have received 109 Yars ICBMs and 108 submarine-launched ballistic missiles, Shoigu was quoted as saying by

Raytheon to Support SM-3 Block IB Program

March 7, 2019 @ 11:39 AM

Raytheon has won a $14 million modification contract from the US to provide continued production support and engineering for the Standard Missile SM-3 Block IB program. The SM-3 is a ship-based missile system used to intercept short and intermediate range ballistic missiles as a part of Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System

Chinese PLA Rocket Force Launch New DF Ballistic Missiles In Promotional Video

February 20, 2019 @ 06:54 AM

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Rocket Force released a promotional video on Tuesday showcasing the countrys DF intermediate-range ballistic missile being fired from various platforms. According to Global Times, the minute-long video was posted on the Chinese PLA Rocket Force's newly registered Weibo and WeChat accounts, showcasing rare scenes of the mobilization, preparation and launch of multiple types of DF ballistic missiles in different terrains and conditions including desert, forest and snow

US Navy Awards $191M For Trident II Guidance System

February 16, 2019 @ 02:35 AM

The US Navy has awarded a $191 million worth contract to The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory for Trident II missile guidance system, the Department of defense announce Friday. “The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Cambridge, Massachusetts, is awarded a $191,029,190 fixed-price-incentive-fee contract for the production of TRIDENT II D5 Strategic Weapon System MK6 Guidance Equivalent Units,” the release says

Iran Unveils New Underground Missile Production Plant

February 9, 2019 @ 08:57 AM

Amid growing international community sanctions, Iran this week unveiled an underground missile plant for the mass production of precision missiles, state media reported Thursday. “Unveiling this missile production city deep underground is an answer to the idle talk made by the Westerners, who assume they can restrict us and dissuade us from (pursuing) our long-term goals by means of threats and sanctions,” Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps chief commander, said during the unveiling ceremony on Thursday

United States To Purchase Israeli Iron Dome

February 7, 2019 @ 07:14 AM

The United States is eyeing to purchase Israeli Iron Dome missile defense systems. The decision was made as part of an agreement between the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the US Department of Defense to fill its short-term needs for an Indirect Fire Protection Capability

US Started Producing Intermediate-range Missiles 2 Years Before it Pulled out of...

February 4, 2019 @ 01:51 PM

Russia released satellite images to prove the United States violated Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty two years back, after the US President Donald Trump recently announced that they are pulling out of the arms control agreement. An exclusive satellite footage published in Ruplty, released by the Russian defense ministry, shows a Raytheon Corporation plant located in Tucson, Arizona, preparing for the production of missiles prohibited under the arms control agreement

Iran Tests New Homegrown Long-range Cruise Missile 'Hoveizeh'

February 4, 2019 @ 09:33 AM

Iran on Saturday unveiled a new indigenously-built long-range cruise missile having a range of over 1,350 kilometres during a successful test launch, marking the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, state television reported. “The test of the Hoveizeh cruise missile was carried out successfully at a range of 1,200 km and accurately hit the set target,” Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami was quoted as saying by

Pakistan Tests Missile to Defeat Anti-missile Defences in 'Neighborhood’

February 1, 2019 @ 10:03 AM

Pakistan today conducted the second test of its surface-to-surface ballistic missile “Nasr,” capable of penetrating ballistic missile defence (BMD) systems in its ‘neighborhood. According to a press release from the Pakistan armed forces, the test was aimed at extreme in-flight and end-flight maneuverability, capable of defeating any currently available BMD system in their neighborhood or any other system under development