Schiebel Secures Contract for S-300 VTOL UAS with South Korean Navy

February 21, 2024 @ 06:05 AM

Schiebel, along with Korean defense firms Hanwha Systems and UI Helicopter, has secured a contract from the Defence Acquisition Programme Administration (DAPA) to deliver the Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) CAMCOPTER S-300 Unmanned Air System (UAS) for the South Korean Ministry of Defense (MOD). The contract, signed with Hanwha Systems, is...

Ukrainian Defense Industry Forges Strategic Partnership with Germany's MBD Deutschland in Anti-Drone...

February 21, 2024 @ 05:53 AM

Ukrainian Defense Industry (UDI), also operating as Ukroboronprom State Concern, has signed a MoU with MBD Deutschland, outlining plans for a collaborative exploration of programs and opportunities in the field of air defense systems, with a particular focus on countering Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Areas of potential

Israel’s Elbit Systems Launches New Hermes 650 Spark UAS

February 21, 2024 @ 05:44 AM

Israeli defense technology firm Elbit Systems has recently unveiled its latest addition to the Hermes family, the Hermes 650 Spark, a tactical Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). This Next Generation UAS is designed to meet the changing demands of the aerospace and defense industries, providing enhanced endurance, versatility, and cost-effective performance...

Russian TVS-2MS "Partizan" Heavy Transport Drone Conducts Maiden Flight

February 21, 2024 @ 05:17 AM

Russias Siberian Aviation Research Institute has concluded the first flight tests of the TVS-2MS Partizan heavy transport drone. The initial flight, conducted in manned mode by test pilot Vladimir Barsuk, lasted 20 minutes and included flying at an ultra-low speed for an aircraft, reaching 50 km/h

Greece, France Block Turkish UAVs Supply to Ukraine

February 21, 2024 @ 04:50 AM

Greece, the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus (GCASC), and France have collectively vetoed a proposal during the European Union Political and Security Committee meeting, preventing the financing of Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 armed drones and artillery ammunition to Ukraine. The equipment, intended to be purchased with European funds earmarked for Ukraine's...

Czech Billionaire Jan Barta Pledges $2 Million for FPV Drones for Ukraine

February 20, 2024 @ 12:44 PM

Czech billionaire Jan Barta has pledged to donate $2 million for FPV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) drones to be used by the Ukrainian military. Barta announced the initiative on his social media page, stating that for each retweet of his post on the X social network, he would contribute $100 to the Nemesis project, which aims to raise funds for 10,000 FPVs for Ukraine

ZALA Group Announces Fifty-Fold Surge in High-Precision Weapons Production Since Ukraine War

February 20, 2024 @ 04:46 AM

During a recent visit to the Aeroscan plant, an enterprise of the ZALA group of companies, Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Kuzhugetovich Shoigu was briefed on a substantial increase in the production of high-precision weapons. ZALA Chief Designer Alexander Zakharov reported to Army General Sergei Shoigu on the implementation of the plan for the preceding year and a

Schiebel’s CAMCOPTER S-100 to Become First Large VTOL UAS to Operate in...

February 15, 2024 @ 06:49 AM

Wedgetail Aerospace, in collaboration with Schiebel Pacific, has obtained approval from the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to operate the Schiebel CAMCOPTER S-100 Unmanned Air System (UAS) in civil airspace. This marks the first time that a large Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) UAS exceeding 150 kg has received civil approval in Australia

New Battery Extends Puma 3 AE Drone Flight Time to 3 Hours

February 15, 2024 @ 06:00 AM

AeroVironment's PS2500 battery has been officially approved for integration into the Puma 3 AE unmanned aircraft system (UAS), providing operators with the capability to achieve extended endurance for up to three hours of flight time. Puma customers can now choose between the standard smart battery with two and a half hours of endurance or the PS2500 battery with three hours of endurance

Azerbaijan Reveals New Training Facility, Hangar for Akinci Combat Drone

February 14, 2024 @ 08:54 AM

Azerbaijan officially opened a training facility and hangar for its recently acquired Akinci combat drone on February 9. The ceremony, attended by key figures including Azeri President Ilham Aliyev, his son Heydar Aliyev, and Baykar's Chief Technology Officer Selcuk Bayraktar, featured a flight demonstration of the Akinci drone

Pratt & Whitney's NGAP Progress Towards Next-Gen Adaptive Propulsion Program

February 13, 2024 @ 06:31 AM

Pratt & Whitney, a business under RTX, announced the completion of a crucial design review for its Next-Generation Adaptive Propulsion (NGAP) offering in collaboration with the U.S

Rostec Unveils Comprehensive UAV Training Program at RT-Tekhpriemka's Center

February 13, 2024 @ 05:40 AM

Rostec has launched a training program at RT-Tekhpriemka's Training Center, covering UAV operations, data analysis, and specialized instruction for counter-drone experts and UAV ground control operators. The training encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects, incorporating pre-flight and flight training sessions tailored to individual schedules