L3 Harris to Support Australia’s MQ-4C Triton Drones

April 17, 2024 @ 03:45 AM

Northrop Grumman has signed a contract with L3Harris Corporation (L3HCA) for the operation and maintenance of command-and-control systems aboard Australias MQ-4C Triton multi-intelligence unmanned aircraft fleet. The Interim Sustainment Support Contract covers maintenance of the Tritons Wideband Command, Control, and Communications (C3) Subsystem, which was developed by L3HCA...

MQ-25 Stingray Tanker Drone Could Be Upgraded to Support Surveillance, Strike Missions

April 15, 2024 @ 01:03 PM

Boeing is advocating for advanced capabilities and potential upgrades to the Navy's MQ-25 Stingray drone, foreseeing expanded mission profiles beyond aerial refueling. At the Sea Air Space conference, Boeing presented a modified MQ-25 model featuring Lockheed Martin-made Long Range Anti-Surface Missiles (LRASM), highlighting the drone's adaptability for surveillance and strike operations...

Russians Equipping T-72 Tanks with Make-shift Electronic Warfare Systems to Counter FPV...

April 11, 2024 @ 07:23 AM

Russians are using make-shift electronic warfare (EW) systems wired to the top of tanks such as the T-72 to defeat First Person View (FPV) drones launched by Ukrainian forces. According to Ukrainian experts who examined a damaged T-72B3 tank which was equipped with one such EW system, it consisted of...

Small American-made Drones Fail in Ukraine: WSJ

April 10, 2024 @ 11:11 AM

Small U.S

Israeli Spy Drone Downed Over Lebanon by Hezbollah

April 9, 2024 @ 05:59 AM

An Israeli Hermes 900 reconnaissance drone, allegedly violating Lebanese airspace, was brought down by the Hezbollah resistance movement. The movement released a video of the drone being shot down

Turkish Baykar Launches "Kalkan," its Most Advanced Drone

April 8, 2024 @ 06:52 AM

Turkeys Baykar has unveiled the Kalkan, its latest vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone currently undergoing flight tests. "Flight tests of Bayraktar KALKAN VTOL, which will assume key roles in reconnaissance and intelligence missions, continue successfully," the company said in a social media post on Sunday

HENSOLDT, Singapore’s HTX to Develop Rapid Deployable Counter-UAS Systems

April 6, 2024 @ 07:38 AM

HENSOLDT has announced its collaboration with Singapores HTX (Home Team Science and Technology Agency) to drive the advancement of Rapid Deployable Counter UAV Systems (CUAS) for urban environments. This collaboration is in response to the threat posed by over-the-counter drones

Israel Aerospace, Aerorotor Unmanned Systems Forge Partnership to Develop Tactical Drone System

April 3, 2024 @ 06:03 AM

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Aerorotor Unmanned Systems have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly develop drone systems tailored for tactical military missions. The collaboration aims to harness Aerorotor's Apus multicopter technology, known for its unique configuration featuring a central heavy-fuel propulsion system piloted through a variable-pitch mechanism

Kalashnikov Touts Success of SKAT 350 M Reconnaissance UAV

April 2, 2024 @ 05:51 AM

The Kalashnikov Concern is preparing to unveil the SKAT 350 M UAV, which is being used by the Russians to hit Ukrainian targets in the ongoing war, at the "Expotechnoguard: Day of Advanced Technologies" exhibition in St. Petersburg (April 3 to 5)

Drones Swarm Gets Software Upgraded in Mid-flight by UAV

March 28, 2024 @ 09:13 AM

A drone swarm on a mission got its software upgraded in mid-flight by another drone to meet the requirements for a new mission. In an

Boeing's Australian Subsidiary to Establish MQ-28 'Ghost Bat' Drone Production Site in...

March 28, 2024 @ 08:22 AM

Boeings subsidiary in Australia is establishing its first MQ-28 Ghost Bat ‘loyal wingman drone production site outside the U.S