Taiwan’s New Corvettes Boast Stealth Capabilities Comparable to Fishing Boats

March 28, 2024 @ 09:55 AM

The Taiwanese Navys newly inducted Tuo Chiang-class corvettes, An Chiang and Wan Chiang, have a radar cross-section as small as that of a fishing boat. President Tsai Ing-wen oversaw the formal induction of two indigenous corvettes into the Taiwanese Navy's fleet at Suao Harbor in Yilan County on March 26

Indonesia Orders Fincantieri PPA Multipurpose Offshore Patrol Ships worth €1.2B

March 28, 2024 @ 08:58 AM

Fincantieri and the Indonesian Ministry of Defence have signed a €1.18 billion contract for the supply of two PPA multipurpose offshore patrol ships

Netherlands Donates Decommissioned Mine Countermeasures Vessel to Ukraine

March 28, 2024 @ 06:17 AM

The Royal Netherlands Navy bid adieu to the HNLMS Vlaardingen on March 27 and announced its donation to the Ukrainian forces. The decision to retire the vessel comes as part of a comprehensive overhaul of the nation's mine service

Aselsan Presents Turkey’s First Anti-Submarine Sonar

March 21, 2024 @ 05:11 AM

Turkeys Aselsan revealed its domestic and national over-the-horizon anti-submarine warfare sonar, DÜFAS, on Tuesday. The company released a promotional video showing the system aboard the Powhatan-class fleet ocean tug, A-590 TCG Inebolu, during trials

Fincantieri-Alexandria Shipyard MoU to Focus on Exploring New Vessel Opportunities for Egyptian...

March 7, 2024 @ 03:46 AM

Fincantieri and the Alexandria Shipyard in Egypt formally established a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Doha, delineating essential principles for collaborative discussions, with the main emphasis on exploring new vessel opportunities for the Egyptian Navy's programs. The MOU is aimed at setting out the principles for discussions which will mainly...

U.S. Confirms Attack on USS Carney by Yemen, Disputes Houthi Claim of...

March 6, 2024 @ 08:27 AM

The Houthi movement in Yemen claimed to have targeted two American warships in the Red Sea, but the U.S

Turkey's Dearsan Shipyard Secures Contract to Supply Qatar with Fast Attack Craft

March 6, 2024 @ 07:04 AM

Qatar's Ministry of Defense inked a deal on Tuesday with the Turkish company Dearsan Shipyard for the acquisition of two FAC 50 fast attack craft. The vessels are designated for deployment within the Qatar Emirates Naval Forces

U.S. Navy Receives First Thales CAPTAS-4 Sonar for Constellation Frigates

March 1, 2024 @ 08:31 AM

The first CAPTAS-4 variable-depth sonar transmitter from Thales has been successfully delivered to the U.S

Denmark MoD Orders Probe into Inflatable Boats' Purchase Irregularities

March 1, 2024 @ 06:08 AM

The Ministry of Defence's Material and Procurement Agency (FMI) in Denmark has been engulfed in a scandal surrounding the purchase irregularities of inflatable boats. An ongoing quality assurance investigation has uncovered potential errors in both recently acquired and existing inflatable boats, raising concerns about the lack of adequate control and quality assurance measures implemented by FMI over the past few years

Damen Initiates Construction of New Multi-Purpose Support Ship Designed for Drone Operations

February 28, 2024 @ 07:54 AM

Damen Shipyards has commenced the construction of the first vessel in its newly introduced Multi-Purpose Support Ship (MPSS) series, developed in collaboration with the Portuguese Navy. The MPSS, available in 7000 and 9000-ton versions, is designed to address the increasing use of drone technology in combat and surveillance

Bow Rupture Suspected Cause in Thai Warship Sinking

February 22, 2024 @ 12:38 PM

A rupture in the bow of the Royal Thai Navy corvette HTMS Sukhothai, is suspected to have caused the warship to sink in the Gulf of Thailand on December 18, 2022 killing 24 seamen while 76 were rescued. Some 35 Thai Navy divers together with 14 American naval divers commenced diving on Thursday to salvage the ship which they expect to accomplish over the course of a 19 day period

U.A.E.’s EDGE Group, Italy’s Fincantieri Announce €30B Joint Venture for Naval Manufacturing...

February 22, 2024 @ 05:35 AM

EDGE Group and Fincantieri have officially entered into a term sheet to establish a joint venture (JV) with a focus on manufacturing naval vessels. The term sheet formalization took place at Palazzo Marina in Rome, Italy, on Wednesday in the presence of key officials from both organizations and high-ranking military figures