United Launch Services Secures $1.1B for National Security Space Launch

July 20, 2024 @ 06:02 AM

United Launch Services LLC, based in Centennial, Colorado, has been awarded a $1.1 billion modification to an existing contract for National Security Space (NSS) Launch Phase Two services

Boeing Delivers Rocket Stage to NASA for Planned Human Moon Mission

July 17, 2024 @ 10:12 AM

Boeing delivered NASA's second core stage of the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket from NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF), intended to propel the Artemis II crew to lunar orbit for the first time in 50 years. The 212-foot-tall rocket stage, which is the largest component of the Artemis II mission, will...

French Army Serval Vehicles to Receive Thales' SYRACUSE IV Satcom Stations

July 13, 2024 @ 05:02 AM

The French defence procurement agency (DGA) has awarded Thales the Neptune contract to supply 30 dual-band X/Ka satellite communication stations for the French Army's Serval vehicles. These stations will function as on-the-pause (OTP) tactical communication nodes, supporting the high-throughput satellite communications services needed by the information and communication systems deployed by...

NATO Strengthens Satellite Capabilities with Alliance Persistent Surveillance from Space

July 10, 2024 @ 03:25 PM

NATO has announced a new initiative, the Alliance Persistent Surveillance from Space (APSS), to bolster its satellite capabilities by utilizing data, products, and services from both national and commercial satellites of its member states. This move aims to improve the alliance's situational awareness in conflict zones and enhance its operational effectiveness...

Aerojet Rocketdyne Upgrades Space Shuttle Engines for Artemis IV Mission

July 9, 2024 @ 11:11 AM

Aerojet Rocketdyne has upgraded the four RS-25 engines for NASAs Artemis IV space exploration mission. This will be the first flight of the enhanced Block 1B SLS rocket and the last to use engines from the space shuttle program

Germany Army Awards Airbus €2.1B Satellite Contract

July 5, 2024 @ 10:28 AM

The German Army (Bundeswehr) has awarded Airbus a €2.1 billion contract for a secure military satellite system, with deployment before the end of the decade

Germany Oks €2.2B Satellite Communications Upgrade for Army

June 27, 2024 @ 09:34 AM

The Budget Committee of the German Bundestag approved a contract for the procurement of new communications satellites for the Bundeswehr on June 26. This contract includes the acquisition of successor satellites, COMSATBw 1B and 2B, with a total financial requirement of approximately €2

Milrem Robotics Integrates Starlink SATCOM into THeMIS UGV for Extended Remote Control...

June 13, 2024 @ 07:03 AM

Estonia-based and EDGE Group entity Milrem Robotics and AEC Skyline, a supplier of critical data solutions, have integrated Starlink satellite communications (SATCOM) together with associated equipment into the THeMIS Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) that allows it to be controlled over vast distances. The latest communication system allows unmanned combat support vehicles to be safely deployed to the battlefield

Russia's UEC to Create Ultra-light Rocket Engine for Small Satellite Launch

June 7, 2024 @ 06:52 AM

Rostec subsidiary United Engine Corporation (UEC) is set to develop engines for Russia's first ultra-light rockets, tailored for launching commercial satellites into Earth orbit with a payload capacity of approximately 250 kg. The corresponding agreement was signed on the sidelines of the St