Germany Delivers Marder Armored Combat Vehicles to Greece

October 19, 2022 @ 08:05 AM

The Hellenic Army has taken delivery of six Marder 1A3 tracked infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) from Germany. “The arrival of Marder 1A3 will continue in the next period according to schedule aiming at the upgrading of the armys strength in battle and the strengthening of the armys interoperability,” the Hellenic National...

Norway Detains Second Drone-Carrying Russian Man

October 18, 2022 @ 10:42 AM

Another Russian national carrying drone and camera equipment has been detained by Norwegian authorities after he was seen taking photos of an airport in the far north. Police in the northern town of Tromso have confiscated a large amount of photography equipment, including a drone and a cache of memory cards;...

Iran's Military Trained Russians on Shahed-136 Usage in Kherson, Crimea

October 18, 2022 @ 10:16 AM

Ukraines center for national resistance has claimed that personnel linked to Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) taught Russians on how to use Shahed-136 “Kamikaze” drones in occupied Kherson and Crimea. Iranian instructors are reportedly based in the settlements of Zalizniy Port and Hladivtsi in Kherson region; as well as in...

Russia Attacks Kyiv with Kamikaze Drones, Explosions Heard

October 17, 2022 @ 07:00 AM

Russian Kamikaze drones have hit Ukraines capital, in what appears to be its retaliation for the latters alleged attack on Belgorod airport. At least five explosions rang out in Kyiv on the morning of October 17

Ukrainian Forces Attack Airport in Russia's Belgorod

October 17, 2022 @ 06:27 AM

At least ten explosions rocked the Belgorod International Airport in Russia on Sunday, with Moscow claiming that Ukraines Air Force was behind the missile attacks. Pictures and videos published by local media showed columns of smoke rising over the airport

Pentagon Lines up Eight NASAMS Air Defense Systems for Ukraine

October 15, 2022 @ 08:55 AM

The Pentagon is planning to deliver eight National Advanced Surface to Air Missile Systems (NASAMS) to Ukraine to help protect the countrys airspace from Russian missiles. When asked about an update regarding the supply of NASAMS systems to Kyiv, Sabrina Singh, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary, said, “We have two (NASAMS systems) that should be delivered in the near future -- I don't have an exact date for you on that -- but in the near future

U.S. Announces $725M Military Aid Package to Ukraine

October 15, 2022 @ 05:34 AM

The U.S

After Spat with Zelensky, Elon Musk Pulls the Plug on Starlink Satcom...

October 15, 2022 @ 04:35 AM

Satellite communications provider Starlink has expressed its inability to continue providing services to Ukrainian defense and civilian users. Starlink President Elon Musk wrote a letter to Pentagon officials saying the company cannot continue the expenditure and asking the Pentagon fund the system, a US DoD statement said Friday

Spain to Send Four Hawk Air Defense Systems to Ukraine

October 14, 2022 @ 10:41 AM

Spain will deliver four Hawk anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine to help the country protect itself from incoming Russian missiles and drones. Oleksii Reznikov, Ukraines defense minister, posted on his official Twitter account on Thursday that Spain has agreed to send Hawk systems to Kyiv

Russia Claims it Shot Down 2 Ukrainian Jets; Ukraine confirms Su-24M Aircraft...

October 14, 2022 @ 06:17 AM

Ukraines Air Force has confirmed that the pilot who was flying a Su-24M, one of the jets shot down by Russia on Thursday, has died. "The bomber aircraft supported offensive actions in the eastern direction, where it struck enemy positions

Russians Using R-37M Air-to-air Missiles as Decoy to Lure Ukrainian Air Defenses:...

October 13, 2022 @ 02:15 PM

Russian Forces are using a novel method to identify the location of Ukrainian air defense systems by firing an R-37M (RVV-BD) air-to-air missile that manoeuvers at lower altitude in the hope that Ukrainian air defense missiles and rockets fire at it thus giving away their positions.On October 11, several R-37M (RVV-BD) air-to-air missiles having a range of more than 300 km were seen in the sky which were not aimed at a particular target but were manoeuvering their trajectory

Ukraine to Receive French Caesar Howitzers, British AMRAAM Missiles, Dutch Anti-Aircraft Missiles

October 13, 2022 @ 10:42 AM

Military aid is pouring in from all across the world for Ukraine as it fights Russias brutal air raids with France, the Netherlands, Canada and the United Kingdom announcing fresh supply of weapons. On Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron was quoted as saying by