Russian Submarine Struck by Storm Shadow Missile Completes Hull Repair

July 18, 2024 @ 06:57 AM

The diesel-electric submarine Rostov-on-Don (Project 636.3 Varshavka), which sustained significant damage from a precision strike involving the Franco-British Storm Shadow missile in 2023, has reached a critical milestone in its recovery

Ukraine's Vector Drones Enhanced with AI Sensors for Reconnaissance

July 16, 2024 @ 10:55 AM

Quantum-Systems, a German UAV manufacturer, has announced that its Vector reconnaissance drones in Ukraine are now equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) sensors. This

Spain Donates Leopard 2A4 Tanks, Anti-Tank Missiles to Ukraine

July 16, 2024 @ 08:20 AM

Spain has announced its latest

Ukraine Tests Jet Drone for Air Target Interception

July 15, 2024 @ 10:29 AM

Ukrainian developers have demonstrated flight tests of the Bullet unmanned aerial vehicle system, a jet-powered drone specifically engineered to intercept enemy reconnaissance and attack drones and helicopters. Footage released by the developers shows an experimental airplane-type drone taking off from a concrete pavement, executing flight maneuvers, and then landing

44 Per Cent Ukrainians Want Peace with Russia

July 15, 2024 @ 09:43 AM

A recent survey revealed that almost 44% of Ukrainians believe the time has come for official peace negotiations with Russia. The survey was published by ZN

Netherlands Pledges €300M Worth of Weapons for Incoming Ukrainian F-16s; Norway to...

July 11, 2024 @ 08:57 AM

The Netherlands has announced its intention to transfer weapons worth €300 million to arm F-16 combat jets destined for Ukraine, while Norway has committed to donating six F-16 jets to the country. This allocation supplements the initial €150 million earmarked for the same purpose, as confirmed by the Dutch defense ministry

Poland Joins Coalition to Boost Ukraine's Defense with Drones

July 11, 2024 @ 07:22 AM

Poland has officially joined a coalition aimed at bolstering Ukraine's defense capabilities through the provision of drones at the NATO summit in Washington. Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister V

NATO Doubles Battle Group Deployment in Eastern Europe Following Ukraine Invasion

July 11, 2024 @ 06:42 AM

In response to escalating threats following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, NATO has doubled its presence in Eastern Europe, deploying eight battle groups to bolster regional defense. Army Gen

Ukraine's West-Supplied Air Defense Stressed by Russian Firepower: Pentagon

July 9, 2024 @ 05:12 AM

The Pentagon announced today that the intense barrage from Russia on Ukraines Western-supplied air defense systems, such as Patriot, NASAMS, and IRIS-T, has significantly strained these defenses. “Ukraine is getting air-defense systems from a variety of nations, and they have managed to cobble together an integrated air-defense system that incorporates different systems, radars, launchers and more,” Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Maj

Russia's FSB Foils Ukrainian Attempt to Hijack Russian Tu-22 Bomber

July 8, 2024 @ 09:31 AM

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) announced the interception and prevention of an alleged attempt by Ukrainian intelligence to hijack a Tu-22M3 strategic bomber. According to a statement on the FSB's website, Ukrainian operatives reportedly tried to recruit a Russian military pilot with promises of a substantial cash reward and Italian citizenship to fly the aircraft to Ukraine

Ukraine to ‘Shortly’ Receive Dutch-Donated F-16s, Patriot Air Defense Systems

July 8, 2024 @ 08:28 AM

The Netherlands has confirmed the imminent delivery of F-16 fighters and Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine, following a two-day official visit by Defense Minister Ruben Brekelmans and Foreign Affairs counterpart Caspar Veldkamp on July 7. “The promised F-16s will not be long in coming,” Brekelmans