Rostec Conducts 100th Flight of MC-21-310 Aircraft with Russian-made Engine

August 9, 2022 @ 12:32 PM

Rostec has announced the hundredth flight of the MC-21-310 medium-haul airliner fitted with domestic PD-14 engines at Zhukovsky near Moscow. The aircraft is undergoing a flight certification test program at the Flight Research Institute (LII) named after V

Rostec Develops Bird Protection System for Passenger Aircraft

August 6, 2022 @ 06:37 AM

Ruselectronics holding, a subsidiary of Russias state-owned Rostec, has developed a bird protection system for airports - Orni. The system is able to track the flight of up to a hundred birds simultaneously at a distance of up to 21 km

Ruselectronics Develops Components to Replace U.S.-made Electronics in SSJ-100, MC-21 Airliners...

July 25, 2022 @ 01:41 PM

Russias Rostec-owned Ruselectronics holding has developed electronic components to replace American-made communications equipment of SSJ-100 Superjet and MC-21 aircraft. The technical parameters of the new devices make it possible to completely replace American products in the on-board radio communication equipment, state-owned Rostec said in a

Angola's Launda International Airport to become Part of China's 'Air Silk Road'

June 26, 2022 @ 02:08 PM

Angola's upcoming Luanda international airport, being constructed by China Aviation Technology International Engineering Company (CATIEC) will become a part of China's 'Air Silk Road' strategy.On June 17, the naming and unveiling ceremony of the new Luanda International Airport in Angola, built by CATIEC, was held in the Angolan capital

Collins’ Hypergamut Lighting System Reduces Jetlag, Syncs with Real-Time Flight Data to...

June 15, 2022 @ 06:54 AM

Collins Aerospace launched its Hypergamut Lighting System at the Aircraft Interiors Exposition in Hamburg, Germany, on June 14. The advanced full-cabin lighting system is attuned to human biology to reduce passenger jetlag, color-optimized to improve the appearance of materials, food and fixtures throughout the cabin and autonomized to intelligently sync with...

First Prototype of Russian Superjet NEW Airliner Revealed at Sukhoi Plant

June 4, 2022 @ 12:45 PM

A prototype of Russia's all-new Superjet-100 aircraft- called Superjet NEW - assembled with import substituting indigenously-made compenents, was revealed at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur plant of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) on Friday. The Superjet-100 is Russia's most successful civil aircraft project with exports to Mexico's Interjet and Irish carrier Cityjet

Mitsubishi to Increase Parts Production of PW1100G-JM Engine that Powers Airbus A320neo...

April 26, 2022 @ 01:25 PM

Anticipating an increase in demand for the Airbus A320neo aircraft in the wake of Post-pandemic recovery, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has decided to increase the capacity of its Nagasaki plant that manufactures combustors for the PW1100G-JM engine that powers the A320neo family. Airbus plans to gradually increase production of the A320neo in response to robust demand for narrow-body aircraft

Russian MC-21 to Commence Commercial Fights as Cargo Aircraft

April 10, 2022 @ 05:42 PM

Russias sanctions-hit MC-21 airliner will commence commercial operations with Rossiya Airlines as a cargo carrier instead of as a passenger plane. The two MC-21 aircraft equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines imported earlier have already been type certified

Russian-made Composite MC-21 Wing Box Clears Strength Tests

March 29, 2022 @ 09:57 AM

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), a subsidiary of Rostec carried out static testing of the wing box of the MS-21 aircraft, made of Russian polymer composite materials. To confirm the strength of the product, it was subjected to breaking loads, significantly exceeding those that are possible in real flight

Airbus, Air Liquide, Korean Air and Incheon Airport Sign MoU to Explore...

February 10, 2022 @ 01:23 PM

Airbus, Air Liquide Korea, Korean Air and Incheon International Airport Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today to explore the use of hydrogen at Seouls Incheon Airport. The collaboration will also study the development of a Korean domestic airport infrastructure to support the deployment of hydrogen-powered commercial aircrafts

Leonardo, Vertical Aerospace to Collaborate on Electric Aircraft Fuselage Development

February 9, 2022 @ 07:04 AM

Vertical Aerospace signed a joint development program with Leonardo for the design, testing, manufacture and supply of the carbon composite fuselage for Verticals VX4 electric aircraft. Vertical and Leonardo will work together on optimising lightweight composite structures, modular design, systems installation, and structural testing for the co-development of the aircrafts fuselage

VSMPO-AVISMA Will Continue to Supply Titanium for Airbus A350

January 20, 2022 @ 03:33 AM

VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation has signed an agreement with Spanish company Aernnova Aerospace to continue supplying titanium products for Airbus A350 aircraft until 2028. Under the terms of the agreement, VSMPO-AVISMA will continue to supply the company with titanium forgings intended for the structures of the Airbus A350 aircraft, Russias state-run Rostec said in a statement