Ruselectronics Develops Components to Replace U.S.-made Electronics in SSJ-100, MC-21 Airliners

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  • 01:41 PM, July 25, 2022
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Ruselectronics Develops Components to Replace U.S.-made Electronics in SSJ-100, MC-21 Airliners

Russia’s Rostec-owned Ruselectronics holding has developed electronic components to replace American-made communications equipment of SSJ-100 Superjet and MC-21 aircraft.

The technical parameters of the new devices make it possible to completely replace American products in the on-board radio communication equipment, state-owned Rostec said in a release today.

The new line of high-frequency vacuum circuit breakers of the polarized type is characterized by increased resistance to vibration loads. The devices are designed for switching high-frequency and super-high-frequency electrical circuits as part of radar and communications equipment. The products have been successfully tested as part of on-board communication equipment and can be used in civil aviation.

The switches were developed by the Penza NIIEMP by order of the Nizhny Novgorod Research and Production Enterprise Polet to replace American-made products.

“The use of high-frequency vacuum circuit breakers developed by NIIEMP as part of on-board radio communication equipment will allow us to completely abandon similar products from American manufacturers Jennings Technology and Kilovac, increase the service life and increase the reliability of communication equipment. Today, the enterprise plans to produce 1,500 such devices annually for the needs of Polyot Research and Production Enterprise. We are ready to offer our products to other customers as well – in case of additional orders, the production capacities allow us to multiply the output of high-frequency vacuum circuit breakers,” said Vyacheslav Zuev, Director General of NIIEMP.

For the Superjet, NPP Polet produces antennas and short-range radio stations.

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