Russia To Get New Air Defense System For Detecting Missiles At Blastoff

July 10, 2013 @ 12:35 PM

Russia is getting a new defense system which will ensure guaranteed detection of enemy ballistic and long-range cruise missiles at blastoff, a top military official said Tuesday. The officials said the system would feature advanced information-gathering, data-processing and attack capabilities with an early-warning radar system to be deployed along the entire...

Russia Proposes Scientific Military Unit, To Up Spending

July 5, 2013 @ 02:38 PM

The Russian ministry of defense today announced plans to increase spending on scientific research military units. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu proposed the idea of scientific research military units in March, as a first step, that undergraduate students be involved in defense research-and-development projects that would count toward their mandatory one-year...

Russia To Built 100 Airfields, Bases To Accommodate New Weapons Systems

June 28, 2013 @ 12:36 PM

Russia will built about 100 new defense infrastructure facilities, including airfields and Army and Navy maintenance and supply bases in order to accommodate its new weapon systems, a top military official said. By 2016, 316 garrison towns are to be built, their number due to increase to 495 by 2020, with...

Asia Pacific Defense Budget At Peak: Reports

June 25, 2013 @ 02:35 PM

Asia Pacific budgets are set to outstrip USA and Canada by 2021, fuelled by an explosion in global arms trade that threatens the competitive edge and dominance of US, UK and European defence trade according to the biggest budget and export study since the economic downturn. The study, The Balance of...

Russia Signs Defense Contracts Worth $22.5 Billion

June 24, 2013 @ 11:50 AM

Russia has signed defense contracts worth $22.5 billion as part of its arms procurement program for 2013, a Russian senior ministry official said

Russia To Display Over 100 New Military Developments At Paris Air show

June 18, 2013 @ 12:26 PM

Russia will unveil more than 100 new military and civilian developments at the Paris Air Show, a Rostec executive said. These include the advanced Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter and a modernized Mi-171A2 civil helicopter, as well as military and civilian avionics, Rostec deputy head Vladimir Artyakov said

Putin Agrees To Extend Areas Of Procurement Post 2020

June 14, 2013 @ 09:49 AM

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his annual budget address to the government on Thursday, agreed to a proposal to extend parts of Russias ambitious arms procurement program beyond 2020. Putin said that defense industry firms must have the production capacity and technology needed to fulfill their contracts with the military, and use the funds allocated under the program efficiently

Over 60 Countries Sign Arms Trade Treaty

June 4, 2013 @ 09:09 AM

The United States have held back from signing the arms trade treaty, with over 60 countries believed to have signed it. “The United States welcomes the opening of the Arms Trade Treaty for signature, and we look forward to signing it as soon as the process of conforming the official translations is completed satisfactorily,” said US Secretary of State John Kerry in a statement

Kalashnikov Corporation To Be Establised In July This Year

June 3, 2013 @ 09:51 AM

The Kalashnikov Corporation will be established in July 2013, a merger between weapons makers Izhmash and Izhmekh, a spokeswoman for the Izhmash plant said Friday. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Thursday that the corporation should be registered in time for Russias Day of Arms Makers, September 19

Russia Promises $8.5 Billion To Defense Industry To Ensure Timely Deliveries

May 28, 2013 @ 08:59 AM

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced yesterday that it will provide $8.5 billion in state guarantees to the defense industry

India To Operate MiG 21s Until 2017, Completes 50 Years In Service

April 29, 2013 @ 11:27 AM

Fifty years since it first took to the Indian skies, the MiG 21 continues to fly high and shows no signs of slowing down operations. The single-engine aircraft will continue to remain in the IAFs squadrons until 2017 at the latest as India fumbles to acquire the Rafale while simultaneously develops the much delayed, indigenous Tejas light combat aircraft

Russian MoD, Defense Firms Wrangling Jeopardizes Defense Orders

April 15, 2013 @ 03:21 PM

In fighting between the Russian Ministry of Defense and local weapons manufacturer jeopardized state defense order in 2011, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Medvedev on Monday criticized the governments failure to meet the deadline today for placing contracts for the State Defense Order this year