U.S. OKs $430M Aircraft Spare Parts Deal for Taiwan

December 7, 2022 @ 04:30 AM

The U.S

China Likely to Invade Taiwan in 2027: Pentagon Report

December 1, 2022 @ 09:56 AM

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) has “set its sights to 2027" in terms of achieving the capability to...

Taiwan’s Bell Kiowa Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing

November 23, 2022 @ 09:52 AM

Taiwan Armys Bell OH-58D Kiowa helicopter made an emergency landing in Tainan on Tuesday after a warning light...

Taiwan to Produce 100+ Iranian Shahed 136-Like Chien Hsiang Loitering Munitions by 2025

November 22, 2022 @ 04:19 AM

Taiwan wants to produce 104 Chien Hsiang loitering munitions which bears similarities with Iran-produced Shahed-136 drones currently in...

Taiwan Develops Single-rotor Long-endurance Reconnaissance Drone

November 16, 2022 @ 10:12 AM

Taiwans National Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) introduced a new single-rotor drone on November 15. The...


Taiwan Soldier Dies Fighting for Ukraine

November 7, 2022 @ 11:23 AM

A soldier from Taiwan who volunteered to fight for Ukraine in its ongoing was against Russia succumbed to...

Taiwan to Build 8 Light Frigates Starting with First Two in 2023

October 31, 2022 @ 06:01 AM

Taiwan plans to start building first two of eight new light frigates in 2023 under a $763 million...

Taiwan’s Military to not Buy Tesla Cars after Musk’s Remarks

October 14, 2022 @ 04:13 AM

Irked by Tesla CEO Elon Musks suggestion to turn Taiwan into a “Chinese special administrative zone” similar to...

China Practices Taiwan Landing with Civilian Ferries

October 1, 2022 @ 06:29 AM

The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) Navy is reportedly practicing on invading Taiwans Dongsha Islands, as seven civilian...

Range of Taiwan Air Surveillance Radar to be Extended by 2024

October 1, 2022 @ 05:42 AM

Raytheon has been awarded a $9,034,161 contract for Range Extension under the Taiwan Surveillance Radar Program (SRP). The SRP...

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