Iran Equips Warship with Multiple Drone Types, Including Kamikaze

March 17, 2023 @ 08:17 AM

The Iranian Navy said it has outfitted its new homegrown Shahid Mahdavi warship with different kinds of drones,...

Will Tehran-Riyadh Agreement Bring An End to Yemen War?

March 13, 2023 @ 09:29 AM

As Middle East muscle-flexors -- Saudi Arabia and Iran -- have agreed to shake hands and move rapidly...

Iran to Get New Fighters after 2 Decades

March 13, 2023 @ 06:17 AM

Iran has confirmed a deal with Russia for Sukhoi Su-35 jets, in a major revamp of its fighter...

Iran Develops World’s First Air Defense Small Boat

March 10, 2023 @ 08:14 AM

Irans Navy has built a single unit of a Zulfiqar-class small-sized boat, the worlds first such kind specifically...


Iran Navy Adds Warship, Missile-Launching Boats

March 10, 2023 @ 06:36 AM

Irans Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy has taken delivery of a new 2,100-ton warship, and nearly 100...

Iran to Reveal Unmanned Stealth Fighter ‘Qaher’ Soon

February 23, 2023 @ 06:53 AM

The Iran Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO) plans to unveil an unmanned version of home-grown Qaher single-seat stealth fighter...

Iran’s Underground Airbase May House New Russian Fighter Jets: NY Times

February 18, 2023 @ 06:02 AM

Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighters could be deployed at an underground Iranian airbase, experts speculated, analyzing satellite images and...

Iran not Building Drone Factory in Russia: Foreign Minister

February 8, 2023 @ 09:19 AM

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani rejected a report by the