Iran Unveils Anti-ballistic, Low-altitude Air Defense Systems

The new Iranian air defense systems have extreme portability and quick reaction time
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  • 07:34 AM, February 18, 2024
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Iran Unveils Anti-ballistic, Low-altitude Air Defense Systems
Arman air defense system of Iran

The Iranian Ministry of Defense has unveiled ingeniously developed an anti-ballistic missile (ABM) defense system as well as a low-altitude air defense (LAAD) system.

The new systems were displayed in the capital Tehran on Saturday with Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani in attendance.

Homegrown ‘Arman’ ABM defense system, also known as Tactical Sayyad (Hunter), reportedly can detect and track 24 targets at a distance of 180 kilometers away and simultaneously deal with six to 12 targets within a range of 120 kilometers.

It is said to be furnished with short-range self-protection capabilities in comparison with Khordad-3 and Khordad-15 systems.

The self-protection system is fitted in one of the missile turrets of Arman ABM defense system, making the weapon immune to potential low-altitude threats.

The new air defense system also enjoys greater mobility as its radars and missile launchers have been incorporated into a single vehicle.

Iran Unveils Anti-ballistic, Low-altitude Air Defense Systems
Azarakhsh low altitude air defense system

The .Azarakhsh’ low-altitude defense system provides close-in, low altitude, surface-to-air weapons against low-flying missiles, drones and helicopters.

Iran for the first time showcased a replica of the Tactical Sayyad air defense system at the International Military Forum ARMY-2023 in Russia in August 2023.

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