Rheinmetall Showcasing Its Multitude Defense Portfolios At AAD 2014

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  • 12:05 PM, September 17, 2014
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Rheinmetall is showcasing a sampling of its products and projects at the African Aerospace & Defence (AAD), the company said in a statement.

“Rheinmetall has for many years been a partner of South Africa’s armed forces and defence industry. A globally leading supplier of military systems and equipment, Rheinmetall portfolio covers every capability
category and the complete sensor-to-shooter sequence. One of Rheinmetall’s core competencies is its ability to seamlessly join diverse systems together into a single network,” the statement added.

Rheinmetall Denel Munition will be on hand at AAD with an extensive range of hardware, including a broad assortment of ammunition for indirect fire applications such as the ballistically matched 155mm Assegai, the 105mm, the latest generation of 60mm patrol mortar bombs, the extended range of
40mm ammunition and weapon systems or the 76/62mm IM PFF (insensitive munition).

The company’s new VingPos Mortar Weapon System (MWS) is debuting at AAD 2014. Developed for the Norwegian Armed Forces, the VingPos MWS provides organic, indirect fire support to the manoeuvre unit commander.

Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) will display the complete spectrum of lightweight patrol vehicles and its robust, versatile family of tried-and-tested TG, HX and SX trucks, right through to cutting-edge modular combat vehicles like the Boxer and several different configurations from its pure military logistical HX series of vehicles at the show.

These include the HX60 (4x4), the HX58 (6x6) and the HX77 (8x8). All HX vehicles are military off the shelf? (MOTS) products specially developed for military applications. Their main priority is extreme mobility and reliability even in the harshest terrain. As such they are the logistical backbone of numerous armies in Afghanistan, where thousands of them are put to the test on a daily basis.

At ADD Rheinmetall is displaying its SkyChamp Enhanced Mission Simulator, the training system for the Skyshield and the Skyguard air defence systems. Also on show are cutaway models of the company’s Ahead ammunition.

The Rapid Obscurant System Naval (ROSY-N) is also on display at the show. The 40mm 360° ROSY-N countermeasure system protects small craft such as fast attack boats and rigid hull inflatable boats. It enables sailors, coast guards and Special Forces operating in coastal waters and on rivers to defend themselves from sudden flat trajectory fire.

On display at AAD is Rheinmetall’s high-performance Vingtaqs II long-range reconnaissance and surveillance system. Along with such features as electro-optical sensors for day and night operation and rangefinding, the Vingtaqs II is equipped with a battlefield radar system. Largely automated, the system is ideal for ground surveillance operations, including optical identification of targets.

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