Renault To Present Tactical, Logistic Trucks At IndoDefense

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  • 02:36 PM, September 23, 2014
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Renault Trucks Defense will be present at Indodefense show in Jakarta (Indonesia), November 5-8. Renault Trucks Defense, part of the Volvo Group Governmental Sales, is a multi-brand holding company with ACMAT Defense and Panhard Defense.

The three brands offer their customers a complete range of tactical and logistic trucks in the Defense and Homeland security sectors. 

Renault Trucks Defense's know-how is acknowledged worldwide (for example, 90% of the French Army's vehicles deployed in overseas operations are supplied by the Group) and the range of products it supplies fully meets defense, homeland security and emergency services' needs and requirements. 

The structure of the Renault Trucks Defense Group's range has four cornerstones: armored and tactical vehicles, tactical and logistical trucks, through-life support and mobility solutions. 

The range of armored tactical vehicles meets all the requirements of reconnaissance, troop transport, support and liaison missions. 

The families of trucks fulfill all logistic missions involving the supplying of fuel, heavy logistic transport, command system transport, personnel transport and breakdown assistance. 

Renault Trucks Defense, ACMAT and Panhard provide a complete range of through-life support services including all maintenance levels including stripping down, upgrading and rebuilding to ensure optimal vehicle service life. 

Mobility solutions: the Renault Trucks Defense Group also provides its Defense and Homeland Security manufacturing partners with mobility solutions such as drivelines, chassis and other components.

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