Chinese Drones Take Center Stage At Zhuhai Air Show

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  • 08:14 AM, November 13, 2014
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Chinese Drones Take Center Stage At Zhuhai Air Show
Chinese Drones Take Center Stage At Zhuhai Air Show

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) is presenting a series of drones at the Zhuhai Air Show in China this week.

The Yilong, or Pterodactyl drone, has garnered much attention and was reportedly selected by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force for purchase, as it was displayed along with other aircraft on active duty.

Li Yidong, chief designer for the Yilong, told reporters that the drone has automatic defenses making it difficult for hackers to hijack during operation.

"The Yilong drone, which is now on active service, can perform both combat and reconnaissance missions, a feat accomplished by only four other craft. All technologies applied on the drone are [domestically] developed," said Dai Chuan, a deputy chief designer at Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute of AVIC.

According to the Global Times China, Dai added that another drone model Haihunzhe, known as the Sea Patroller, is also equipped with cutting-edge technology, and recently achieved the feat of making China only the second nation in the world to accomplish a precise, safe landing on a moving vehicle. "[The Sea Patroller] is only the third drone ever to land on a moving vehicle precisely. This is craft's most important technology," Dai said, adding that such a landing requires even more advanced technology than a fighter jet's landing on an aircraft carrier. 

The Sea Patroller is able to launch from ships of different tonnages, from a fishing boat to an aircraft carrier, according to Dai. With a range of 150 kilometers, it can transmit real-time data for both civil and military use. "The model is expected to get a clearer picture of fishery areas, thus helping to solve fishery disputes," Dai added. 

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