Australia Awards Indra Deployable ATM System Contract

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  • 03:51 PM, December 1, 2014
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Indra will provide three state-of-the-art Defence Deployable Airspace Traffic Management Control System to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and will also be responsible of its support. The systems will enable the RAAF’s Joint Battlefield Airspace Controller (JBAC) teams to deliver world leading airspace management and air traffic control capability in a highly mobile and deployable environment. 

The delivery of these systems forms the basis of a contract signed between the Defence Materiel Organisation and Indra for a total amount of more than $ 50M AUSD. 

Central to the system is the tactical LANZA-3D radar, a dual-purpose 3D L-Band Primary Surveillance Radar, offering International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) compliant performance together with the benefits of a full 3D Military radar capable of enhanced Electronic Counter-Counter-Measures for the highest survivability. The LANZA is complimented with the latest generation Dual-use Monopulse Identify Friend-Foe/Secondary Surveillance Radar offering full Mode S, Mode 4 and Mode 5 aircraft identification, as well as built-in ADS-B. 

The radar is integrated with Indra’s AirCon 2100 system providing air force controllers with high-end ATM automation for Approach/Terminal functionality, using state-of-the-art multirradar tracking techniques, 4D trajectory management, electronic flight strips, OIDC handover, display of Recognized Situational Awareness Information, Recording and Playback. Indra’s fully interoperable ATM automation is a world leader with proven service supporting more than 8 million IFR controlled flights annually and used by more than 5,000 Air Traffic Control Officers worldwide. 

The radars are coupled with this airspace management capability into a flexible and scalable Operations Support segment encompassing integrated Ground/Air communications and standard and expandable shelters, which provide the operational space conducive to long deployments in demanding operational theaters and harsh environments. These shelters will be tailored for the Australian requirement by the experienced and proven team at Daronmont Technologies in Adelaide. 

This technology offers the Australian Defence Force a quantum-leap in safety, and efficiency for the dual use control and management of air traffic in deployed environments. It will assist this force in managing airspace within Australian or overseas, in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions, either when operating independently or integrated with allies. 

The combination of mobility, modularity, performance and world leading technology ensures that these systems will be at the forefront of worldwide deployable air management capability for decades to come. 

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