Uganda Police AW119 Achieves Mission Readiness

  • (Source: AgustaWestland)
  • 12:00 AM, September 19, 2008
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AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that the Uganda Police Air Wing has started operating its new AW119 Koala single engine helicopter. The aircraft was delivered to the customer in August and is now fully operational providing the Uganda Police with new airborne capabilities. The AW119 is being used to perform various missions including law enforcement, rescue and VIP transport. This delivery marks the first Koala to be delivered to Uganda and the entry of the type in the African homeland security helicopter market.>> The AW119 is a top-of-the-range helicopter in the single engine market delivering excellent performance, even in extremely hot and high operating environments. The largest cabin in its class enables the AW119 to comfortably carry up to six passengers and with a maximum gross weight of 2,720 kg (6,945 lb) this helicopter type is a highly effective and versatile single engine utility helicopter. The law enforcement and homeland security variant of the AW119 has a patrol time of approximately 5 hours and can be quickly reconfigured for different missions.>> The Uganda Police is the latest addition to the list of customers who have selected the AW119 for homeland security and law enforcement purposes and joins customers in the United States, Mexico, China and Finland. Over 180 helicopters have been ordered to date by almost 80 customers in over 20 countries to perform various roles such as law enforcement, EMS, VIP/corporate transport, offshore transport and utility. (ends)>