BAE Systems Delivers 12 CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles To Norwegian Army

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  • 11:12 AM, September 3, 2015
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BAE Systems Delivers 12 CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles To Norwegian Army

BAE Systems has delivered 12 new CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) to the Norwegian Army.

The IFVs are the first production batch of a total of 144 new and upgraded CV90s planned for the nation’s Army and represent the next generation of advanced combat vehicles, the company announced Wednesday.

The delivery of the CV90s occurred on schedule and took place during a ceremony at the Setermoen Military Camp in North-Norway.

The Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation and BAE Systems signed a contract in June 2012 for the production of the 41 new vehicles as well as upgrades to 103 of the Army’s existing fleet of CV9030s.

The upgrades include enhanced capabilities for protection, survivability, situational awareness, intelligence, and interoperability.

The 144 vehicles are designed to operate in five configurations, 74 for infantry fighting, 21 for reconnaissance, 15 for command and control, 16 for engineering support, 16 in a multi-role configuration, and two for driver training.

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