NORINCO Delivers First Batch Of SR5 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems To Bahrain

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  • 01:47 PM, October 28, 2016
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NORINCO Delivers First Batch Of SR5 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems To Bahrain
SR5 Guided Multiple-Launch Rocket System (Image: NORINCO)

Chinese North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) has delivered the first batch of SR5 multiple launch rocket systems to the Royal Bahraini Army.

Bahrain recently showcased its new acquired rocket systems during the military exercises, confirming for the first time that the country has gotten some significant weaponry from Beijing.

SR5 utilizes 6X6 wheeled truck chassis for forward-mounted cab and rear-set launcher unit. The launcher unit is set up on a traversable platform which supplies inherent elevation reach for engagement of target areas from any angle orientation of the truck.

The SR5 rocket system can fire 220-mm and 122-mm rockets of different ranges. The rockets are fitted with various warheads, including HE-FRAG, incendiary, smoke and illumination. Also there are cargo warheads with anti-tank or pre-fragmented anti-personnel submunitions. Some rockets have a GPS guidance for precision strikes.

Rocket pods are factory-fitted and sealed. These double as transport containers and launchers. A standard 220-mm pod contains 6 rockets. These rockets have a range of up to 70 km.  It can be fired also by Russian-made BM-21 and Chinese MLRS Type 81, 90B, and SR5. The BRE1 122mm rocket shell is similar to the standard 122mm rocket shell but has a maximum range of 50 km.

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