Saudi-Led Blockade Is 'Bloodless Declaration Of War': Qatar Defence Minister

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  • 09:19 AM, July 1, 2017
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Saudi-Led Blockade Is 'Bloodless Declaration Of War': Qatar Defence Minister
Saudi National Guard

Qatari Minister of defense has criticized the blockade imposed by a Saudi-led Arabian nations' Group as 'bloodless declaration of war'.

The minister, Khaled al-Athiyah was quoted as saying in an interview with London based Al-araby Al Jadeed newspaper.

Further he added that What United Arabian Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain have done to Qatar, including shutting down of Land, Sea and air borders would infact harm and damage social fabric of the Persian Gulf.

Defense minister Khaled met Turkish counter part Fikri Isik in Ankara this week, Hurriyet Daily News reported Saturday. 

Even Turkish President supported Qatar, stating Saudi Coalition demands are against the global demands.

Turkey Defense minister said Friday that the rights of Qatar must be respected and issue has to be resolved by mutual dialogues.

The crisis in Persian Gulf region started on June 5, when Riyadh, Manama  and even Cario, when they cut ties with Doha accusing it of ‘Sponsoring Terrorism’. Qatar responded the measures as unjustified .

On June 24, Qatar officially announced that four nations have sent it a list of 13 demands including shutting down of Al Jazeera broadcast media, scale down cooperation with Iran, closing the Turkish military base in Qatar and paying some amount in reparation. Qatar said the demands are unrealistic, unreasonable and unacceptable.

Qatar has since approached non-permanent members of the UN Security Council and the International Civil Aviation Organization to get them to force the Saudi-led group to lift the air and land embargo. 

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