New Chinese Tank Can Block Anti-Tank Rounds

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  • 10:00 AM, July 4, 2017
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New Chinese Tank Can Block Anti-Tank Rounds
Image of new Chinese lightweight tank being driven on a road in Tibet. Photo Credit: Guancha.

A new Chinese light tank which was put to trials in Tibet last week is reported to feature the FY series armor armor which can block anti-tank shells of varying piercing power.

The tank probably has a higher than normal amount of protective explosive reactive armor, forming a pointed nose, various Chinese and international media reported.

The tank's armor is likely of the FY series, an armor variant developed by the China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO).

FY armor provides protection depending on the amount of material applied to the vehicle. A single layer offers protection from single high-explosive antitank rounds, but as more material is applied, FY can stop armor-piercing sabots and multiple antitank rounds.

The tank features a square center portion, shorter and narrower than the Chinese Type 96 battle tank, and includes an elevated portion at the back containing the power element.

"Recently a new type of tank has undertaken trials on the Tibetan Plateau. The Chinese MoD said at a June 29 Beijing news conference.

The Chinese website earlier published images that appear to be a new light battle tank traveling over a roadway in Tibet. The photos have led to speculation that Beijing had a new light battle tank in the works.

The vehicle is believed to be a variant of a newly developed light tank that was earlier identified in January.  

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