China Displays DF-31AG Intercontinental ballistic missile At Parade

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  • 02:48 PM, July 31, 2017
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China Displays DF-31AG Intercontinental ballistic missile At Parade
DF-31AG Intercontinental ballistic missile

China has displayed its 10,000 kilometers range DF-31AG intercontinental ballistic missile, for the first time at a military parade to mark the 90th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

China showed off the DF-31AG mobile intercontinental ballistic missile, an upgrade to the DF-31A that was introduced in 2009. The AG version is believed to be having better off-road ability and capable of carrying multiple warheads,”  the Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman said.

Previous DF-31AG displays were models while this display was said to be of the actual working missile and launcher. The  PLA has announced that only fighting units and their equipment would be on display at the parade.

DF-31A is fitted with one warhead. Deploying multiple warheads on China’s strategic missiles gives them better abilities to penetrate US missile defense, the spokes person added.

The latest upgrade, the DF-31AG, incorporates three new features, including an off-road vehicle chassis that improves missile mobility and a multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle, which enhances penetration capability.

The third feature is an unsupported random launching system that greatly improves mobility and launch concealment, thus improving missile system survivability.

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