China’s First Homemade Aircraft Carrier Begins Power System Testing

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  • 02:47 PM, August 8, 2017
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China’s First Homemade Aircraft Carrier Begins Power System Testing
hina's first domestically built aircraft carrier, at Dalian Port, Northeast China's Liaoning Province on April 26. (Photo: GT)

China has begun testing the power system of its second aircraft carrier, also the country’s first homemade one, said the general director of the project on Monday.

Hu Wenming, the head of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation who has chaired the research and development of the Type 001A carrier, revealed the tests on Monday during an interview with China Central Television's Asia Today.

Hu also said the Type 001A carrier’s mooring test will mostly like be next month.

"The start of mooring test will signify that the aircraft carrier's engine and electric power supply are capable of functioning properly and independently. And I believe that we can manage to begin the mooring test next month," Hu continued, explaining this will show whether the vessel's equipment is ready for a sea test.

A mooring test and a sea test are the final hurdles an aircraft carrier must pass before it comes into active service, according to Hu.

Last week Hu was quoted as saying by People's Daily Online that a total of 412 state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and scientific research institutions in China have contributed to its development, occupying 77.4 percent of the total, which indicates that its construction is the result of national collective efforts.

In addition, through construction of the carrier, China has possessed a talent team at an average age of 36 and gained the ability to independently research and develop, design, and manage an aircraft carrier project, which has laid a foundation for the country to build better ones in the future. 

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