China's First Homemade Aircraft Carrier To Commence Mooring Trials Next Month

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  • 04:52 PM, August 4, 2017
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China's First Homemade Aircraft Carrier To Commence Mooring Trials Next Month
China's first 'homemade' aircraft carrier Type 001A launched in Dalian

China will possibly hold mooring trials of its first homemade aircraft carrier next month ahead of schedule, said Hu Wenming, general director of the aircraft carrier construction projct.

Hu said that construction of China’s second aircraft carrier, also the country’s first homemade one, is going well after it hit the water in Dalian on April 26 this year, reported Thursday.

The carrier will likely commence mooring trials next month ahead of schedule to test if its equipment is able to meet the requirements for further sea trial, Hu was quoted as saying by People's Daily Online.

Hu also disclosed that a total of 412 state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and scientific research institutions in China have contributed to its development, occupying 77.4 percent of the total, which indicates that its construction is the result of national collective efforts.

In addition, through construction of the carrier, China has possessed a talent team at an average age of 36 and gained the ability to independently research and develop, design, and manage an aircraft carrier project, which has laid a foundation for the country to build better ones in the future, the director noted. 

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