Eurofighter Typhoon Flew 1000 Anti-Daesh Missions, Dropped 850 Paveway Bombs

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  • 05:53 PM, August 11, 2017
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Eurofighter Typhoon Flew 1000 Anti-Daesh Missions, Dropped 850 Paveway Bombs
Eurofighter Typhoon

Eurofighter Typhoons Belonging to the US-led Anti-Daesh coalition flew 1000 sorties, dropping 850 Paveway 4 bombs in Iraq and Syria since 2015 as part of operation SHADER.

SHADER is the operational code name given to the contribution of the United Kingdom in the ongoing military intervention against IS militants. The operation began in Iraq on 26 September 2014, following a formal request for assistance by the Iraqi government.

Each mission consists of a pair of Typhoons and the operational activity equates to over 10,000 flying hours, during which the aircraft has delivered more than 850 Paveway IV weapons.

As a multi-role aircraft, Typhoon offers Air to Air operations with precision strike Air to Surface operations using Paveway IV laser-guided weapon and 27mm cannon.  The Litening III Advanced Targeting Pod generates a fidelity of coordinates that permits immediate self-strike capability, significantly reducing the time to prosecute time-sensitive targets.

An RAF Spokesman said, “Use of the Paveway IV GPS precision-guided munition together with its advanced sensors have enabled Typhoon to be considered almost the platform of choice for operations against the targets around Raqqa."

“One of the fundamental reasons why is because of the weapons load Typhoon is able to carry. It can fly with four Paveway IVs without any detrimental impact on its Air to Air capability, when other aircraft in the Coalition forces usually carry just two. Therefore it’s able to strike, if required, four targets simultaneously.” The RAF spokesperson added.

“It’s worth noting that within 24 hours of the decision to deploy Typhoon, aircraft were striking targets in Syria.” He added.

A recent 1(F) Squadron post-Operational report states that Typhoon has employed Paveway IV effectively in all of its modes, including GPS, Laser, Desired impact angle or azimuth.

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