Bahrain In Talks For Purchase Of Russian S-400 Missile Systems

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  • 02:38 PM, October 17, 2017
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Bahrain In Talks For Purchase Of Russian S-400 Missile Systems
Bahrain In Talks For Purchase Of Russian S-400 Missile Systems

Bahrain and Russia are in talks for purchase of Russian-made S-400 surface-to-air missile system, the commander of Bahrain's Royal Guard said Monday.

"We are currently in the stage of negotiations, but with god’s help we will finish this process," the commander Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa told reporters during on-going BIDEC expo held in Manama this week, Sputnik reports.

The commander further said, "Bahrain and Russia have established broad cooperation in the military sector. Meetings are being held, negotiations are taking place, relations have also been established between the leadership of two countries. We would like to strengthen our relations and increase the amount of Russian weapons in Bahrain’s defense forces".

Bahrain has previously purchased the Kornet-EM, an anti-tank guided missile system, from Russia, and Bahraini officials have previously suggested the country was interested in acquiring the Pantsir-S1.

The S-400 Triumph is Russia's next-generation mobile surface-to-air missile system carrying three different types of missiles capable of destroying aerial targets at a short-to-extremely-long range. It integrates a multifunctional radar, autonomous detection and targeting systems, anti-aircraft missile systems, launchers, and a command and control center.

Russia recently concluded S-400 purchase deals with Turkey and Saudi Arabia. 

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