Transnational Cyber Theft Gang busted with Bangkok Arrest

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  • 11:44 AM, February 10, 2018
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Transnational Cyber Theft Gang busted with Bangkok Arrest
Russian national detained in Bangkok: Image by

An international gang of cyber criminals accused of stealing and selling credit card and personal identity data has been busted with the arrest of a Russian national in Bangkok on Friday.

The Thailand Police have detained the Russian national, Sergey Sergeyvich Medvedev believed to be the No.2 organiser of a transnational gang operating a black market and theft operation known as the Infraud International theft ring, Bangkok Post reported.

The arrest is believed to be a part of a US FBI bust of the gang which operated on the dark-web selling information to other criminals using Bitcoin currency.

Thai police sources told the newspaper that the FBI and Italian police on Tuesday seized a computer server owned by the gang in Italy but no suspect was arrested in the operation.

The US Justice Department announced indictments Wednesday for 36 people - not including Mr Medvedev - accused of running a transnational ring stealing and selling credit card and personal identity data, causing $530 million in losses.

Created in Ukraine in 2010 by Svyatoslav Bondarenko, Infraud was a key hub for card fraud. The US claimed that Mr Medvedev was a co-founder of the site, and No.2 in its hierarchy.

It was "the premier one-stop shop for cybercriminals worldwide," said Deputy Assistant Attorney General David Rybicki.

Members could buy and sell card and personal data for use to buy goods on the internet, defrauding the card owners, card issuers and vendors.

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