MBDA Equips Licorne Pocket Air Defense Systems with Anti-drone Capabilities

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  • 09:45 AM, June 12, 2018
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MBDA Equips Licorne Pocket Air Defense Systems with Anti-drone Capabilities
Licorne pocket air defense command and control systems (Image:MBDA)

MBDA has integrated anti-drone and traditional air defense capabilities on its Licorne pocket air defense command and control (C2) systems.

Licorne is a lightweight C2 solution with the ability to co-ordinate very short range air defence (VSHORAD) systems, such as those of the Mistral family. A mobile C2, it is derived from the I-MCP and PCP systems family currently in use with armed forces in export markets, using the same software components, architecture and human machine interfaces (HMI), the company said in a statement Monday.

MBDA has supplemented its C2 with a set of data link detectors and jammers in order to deliver a response to the emergence of asymmetric threats, and particularly mini-drone attacks on deployed ground-to-air assets or other military assets inside the protected zone. Licorne can now also deploy anti-drone measures, and co-ordinate them with the traditional air defence assets, the statement said.

For detection, Licorne uses a mobile radio frequency detection unit produced by Cerbair to intercept mini-drone data link transmissions. Once the threat has been detected and located, Licorne allows operators to activate countermeasures using a network of field-deployed jammers developed by KEAS.

Licorne provides a first level of co-ordination for the VSHORAD systems used by rapid reaction forces, airborne units and amphibious units. Licorne provides surveillance, detection and identification functions with connectivity. It can be used in association with passive infrared 360° surveillance sensors, lightweight radars or ESM and acoustic sensors.

Pocket C2 Licorne provides all the functions expected of a C2, including multisensor data fusion; real-time ranging; shared tactical position calculation; and even uploading battery sensor images to upper command levels using standard NATO military data link protocols such as JREAP-C.

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