Leonardo sells Aircraft Counter-measures System to Middle Eastern customer

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  • 11:47 AM, July 17, 2018
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Leonardo sells Aircraft Counter-measures System to Middle Eastern customer
Miysis DIRCM (image:Leonardo)

Leonardo has won a contract to deliver its ‘Miysis’ Directed InfraRed  CounterMeasure (DIRCM) systems to a Middle Eastern customer.

The DIRCM protects aircraft from advanced heat-seeking missiles confusing their targeting sensors.

This new contract has already started deliveries of Miysis to the Royal Canadian Air Force and has secured a customer in the Middle East region, the company made the announcement at the ongoing Farnborough Airshow 2018 Monday.

The Miysis DIRCM locates and tracks an inbound missile and then shines a high-powered laser onto the missile’s targeting sensors, confusing the missile and directing it away from the aircraft.

The system’s modular, open-architecture design also allows for integration with a customer’s in-service missile approach warners and other defensive aids systems.

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