Israeli ‘Aeronautics’ to Supply Dominator Drones to Thailand

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  • 02:40 PM, July 31, 2018
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Israeli ‘Aeronautics’ to Supply Dominator Drones to Thailand
Dominator MALE UAS (Image: Aeronautics Ltd.)

Israeli company Aeronautics Ltd has won a $27 million contract to supply Dominator unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to the Thai Ministry of Defense.

The contract includes UAVs, land equipment and accompanying services over three years. Payment will be according to the milestones set in the agreement, the company statement was quoted by Globes news Tuesday.

The Dominator, is based on manned aircraft converted by the company into a UAV, can carry up to 1,900 kilograms in special payloads (such as a camera, radar, or bomb), simultaneously and can stay airborne for 20 hours.

Aeronautics said that the Thai Ministry of Defense was one of its veteran customers and that the Thai army had been using the company's UAVs for the past decade.

Dominator XP Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAS (MALE UAS) provides ISR missions at ranges beyond line-of-sight. The Dominator mission system is characterized by a multiple-purpose payload such as EO, SAR, ELINT COMINT, and MIST, and by extended operation capability over long range, enabling the platform to perform a wide range of military or civilian missions, over land and sea.

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