Indian Army Issues RFI for Man-portable 60mm Mortars with Ammunition

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  • 08:11 AM, November 15, 2018
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Indian Army Issues RFI for Man-portable 60mm Mortars with Ammunition
60mm light mortar in use (Image: India Today)

The Indian Army has issued a request for information from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or vendors to procure 60mm Mortar along with ammunition.

Indian Army seeks a 60mm Mortar to achieve following broad characteristics. The Army wants the 60mm mortars to have not less than 2000 meters of range. The weight of the mortar should be as light as possible and man portable and should be able to fire rapidly. The Army wants the mortars to be able to perform across all spectrums in the Indian terrain and climate conditions, the RFI issued on 9 November, 2018 stated.

According to the RFI, the tentative date of issue of RFP is Jan 2019. Total quantity required is approximately 100 weapon systems. The approximately quantity 100 should be delivered within twelve months from the day of signing of the contract.

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