Lockheed Martin to Work on Ship Integration, Testing of Aegis Weapon System

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  • 02:14 PM, December 4, 2018
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Lockheed Martin has won a $20 million modification contract to exercise options for ship integration and test of the Aegis Weapon System (AWS) for AWS baselines through Advanced Capability Build (ACB) 12.
The contract includes providing shipboard integration engineering, test team support, modernization team engineering support, ballistic missile defense test team support and AWS element assessments.
The contract will cover the AWS ship integration and test efforts for five new-construction DDG (Guided Missile Destroyer) 51-class ships, the major modernization of five DDG 51-class ships and six CG 47-class ships, as well as the integrated combat system modifications and upgrades for all current ships with all AWS baselines up to and including ACB 12.
Work is expected to be completed by November 2019.v

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