Pak to Buy Turkey's Anti-Torpedo System For Agoste-class Subs

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  • 11:20 AM, May 30, 2019
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Pak to Buy Turkey's Anti-Torpedo System For Agoste-class Subs
Zargana anti-torpedo countermeasure system

Pakistan is likely to purchase the export version of Turkey's Zargana anti-torpedo countermeasure systems, to be equipped on diesel-electric fast-attack Agoste 90B class submarines.

The Pakistani Navy and the developer of the systems, Turkish firm Aselsan are expected to meet soon to discuss the purchase, Daily Sabah reported Wednesday.

The country will become second in the world, after Indonesia to purchase the systems from Ankara.

The countermeasure tactics of the system include evasive maneuvering, different deployment patterns and acoustic jammers/decoys.

After detecting and classifying the threat, the system determines the most appropriate avoidance tactic against torpedoes targeting submarines while taking into account environmental conditions with real-time data provided by the submarine.

Acoustic jammers deployed by the system prevent the torpedo from detecting the submarine's location, while acoustic decoys imitate the submarine and deceive the torpedo.

The Zargana provides defense against torpedoes with its autonomous operation and quick reaction time, and can be integrated into operator-controlled inputs or submarine systems that provide real-time data.

The missile and launcher system has up to 24 different launcher cells, single or salvo firing with high reliability and fireproofing properties.

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