Houthi Cruise Missile Hits Arrival Hall of Abha Airport in Saudi Arabia, 26 Injured

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  • 12:07 PM, June 12, 2019
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Houthi Cruise Missile Hits Arrival Hall of Abha Airport in Saudi Arabia, 26 Injured
Abha International Airport, Saudi Arabia (image: chi-athenaeum)

A missile fired by Yemeni Houthi rebels fell on the arrival hall of Abha International airport in south-east Saudi Arabia injuring 26 people, including three women and two children today morning.

Media outlets associated with the Houtis claimed the projectile was a cruise missile.

“A hostile projectile fired by Houthi militia at 02.21am hit the arrivals hall at Abha International Airport in Asir Province in south-western Saudi Arabia, through which thousands of civilian passengers of different nationalities pass daily,” Colonel Turki Almalki, the official spokesman of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen, said.

Eight cases were transferred to hospital for treatment for moderate injuries, while 18 were treated at the site for minor injuries. There was also some physical damage to the airport lounge.

“The military and security forces are working to determine the type of projectile used in the terrorist attack,” Colonel Almalki was quoted as saying by Saudi Press Agency, the country's official news agency. 

This attack also proves this terrorist militia’s acquisition of new special weapons, the SPA statement said. Houthi militia have claimed responsibility for the attack carried out using cruise missiles.

According to the report, the attack shows that the militia have acquired new special weapons. The attack is a violation of relevant UN Security Council resolutions, including Resolution 2216 and Resolution 2231.


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