Iran Will Unveil Bavar-373 Which Is 'Superior' To S-300 Later This Month: Reports

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  • 08:24 AM, August 12, 2019
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Iran Will Unveil Bavar-373 Which Is 'Superior' To S-300 Later This Month: Reports

Tehran is likely to unveil indigenously-made long-range mobile air defense system christened “Bavar-373,” which according to reports is "superior" to the Russian S-300, on August 22, which is the National Day of the Defense Industry.

According to reports, the Bavar-373 was developed after Iran failed to acquire S-300 systems from Russia owing to UN Security Council’s resolution banning the sale of advanced weapons to the country.

 Russian aviation publication Avia.Pro reported on Sunday that the Iranian system is “superior” to the S-300.

“The Iranian Bavar-373 radars can detect air targets at distances of up to 300 kilometers, and, in addition to aircraft, the radar is able to detect cruise and ballistic missiles, as well as small drones. According to unconfirmed data, the radar is also capable of detecting stealth aircraft, which makes it an effective means of combating F-22 and F-35 fighters, which, incidentally, were recently discovered near the Iranian borders,” the publication stated.

A distinguishing feature of Bavar-373 is its vertical launching system with square launchers, mostly used for air defense on warships.

On August 10, the country’s homegrown advanced radar system, “Falaq” made its first public debut. Based on Gamma surveillance radars, Falaq can track different ballistic and cruise missiles as well as UAVs in a range of 400 kilometers.

“Falaq can identify different cruise and ballistic missiles, as well as stealth and unmanned aircraft,” said Chief of the Air Defense Force Brigadier General Alireza Sabahifard.

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