Iran Displays Jet Powered Stealth Attack Drone at MAKS 2019

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  • 07:11 AM, August 29, 2019
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Iran Displays Jet Powered Stealth Attack Drone at MAKS 2019
Iran's 'Mobin' Stealth Attack Drone with TOLOO engine

Iran Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO) displayed a jet- powered stealth UAV, “Mobin,” at the MAKS 2019 show which it claimed was the first of its kind in the world designed to penetrate enemy defences and get past incoming missiles.

It can function both as an attack and reconnaissance drone; Mr. Sherifi, who represents the marketing department of IAIO at the exhibition in Moscow told

The scale model of the drone displayed at the show did not have any payload to indicate it as having reconnaissance capabilities. However, its shape and the lack of any hard edges certainly exhibited its stealth potential.

When asked if the drone was designed to evade enemy defences with its stealth and speed and be guided to it target similar to a cruise missile, Mr Sherifi emphasized, “It is not a missile but a drone.”

The drone weighs 670kg and is capable of carrying payload up to 120kg. The radar-evading UAV can fly at an altitude of 45,000ft for 45 minutes at a speed of 900km/ph he said.

The guidance of the drone works in three axis with fully automated take off and landing, he said.

Along with the drone, IAIO displayed a life-size mode of the “Toloo-4” turbojet engine designed to fit into the Mobin drone. An information handout describes the engine as a single shaft turbojet engine which consists of 3 stage axial compressor, direct annular combustion chamber and 1 stage axial turbine. It weighs 55.9 kg with a diameter of 330mm and length of 1130mm-1330mm.

The engine thrust is rated at 345daN with an engine speed of 28500RPM. Its hydro-pheumatic life is rated at 20 hours.

Iran has been at the forefront of drone technology with several short and long range drones in its armoury. It also displayed the M-6 UAV, a propeller driver designed for day/night reconnaissance. The Ababil III, another propeller driven reconnaissance UAV that can cruise at 1500 ft for 5 hours.

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