Saab's Gripen E and GlobalEye Complete Finnish Flight Evaluation

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  • 03:05 PM, February 8, 2020
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Saab's Gripen E and GlobalEye Complete Finnish Flight Evaluation
Gripen fighter

Saab has completed its participation with Gripen E and GlobalEye AEW&C in the Finnish HX Challenge, the Finnish Air Force testing and evaluation event at Pirkkala Air Base in Finland.

The flight evaluation is part of the capability assessment in the on-going HX programme, the procurement of new fighter aircraft to equip the Finnish Air Force.

The HX Challenge was carried out in Finland with tests performed under Finnish winter conditions, with the purpose to verify the data previously reported by the fighter manufacturers.

Saab's Gripen E and GlobalEye Complete Finnish Flight Evaluation
GlobalEye AEW&C aircraft

“During the past week we have successfully completed the planned tests, and hence demonstrated the capabilities of Gripen and GlobalEye," says Jonas Hjelm, Senior Vice President and head of Saab business area Aeronautics.

Furthermore, on 31 January Saab submitted a revised offer in response to the revised Request for Quotation for the Finnish HX programme. Saab is now offering Gripen E/F combat jet and GlobalEye advanced AEW&C aircraft to Finland. "The offer provides a substantial contribution to the joint operational capability of the Finnish Defence Forces," Saab said in a statement Thursday.

As part of its proposal, Saab is offering a substantial weapon and sensor package, as well as the necessary equipment and associated services needed to operate the system. The offer also includes an industrial co-operation programme aiming to build extensive national capabilities for Security of Supply in Finland. Transfer of maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities to local industry, parts production and final assembly of aircraft as well as an establishment of a sustainment and development centre in Finland are included.

According to the customer’s planning, a procurement decision is anticipated in 2021.

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