Russia to Deploy New Radar to Monitor Aerial Threats Over Entire Europe

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  • 06:56 AM, March 19, 2020
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Russia to Deploy New Radar to Monitor Aerial Threats Over Entire Europe
Konteiner radar (image via state media)

Russia is set to soon deploy a new, long-range radar to monitor launches of cruise and hypersonic missiles over entire Europe.

The Konteiner over-the-horizon radar is expected to be deployed in Kaliningrad region in west Russia. First such radar assumed combat duty in Russia’s Volga in December 2019.

“The second Konteiner radar will be deployed in the Kaliningrad region,” a source from the defense industry was quoted as saying by TASS on Thursday.

The source said that the radar is capable of monitoring the entire territory of Europe, including the United Kingdom. “It can track the launch of hypersonic and cruise missiles at a distance of upto 3,000km.”

The Russian Defense Ministry said last December that plans to set up a continuous radar field around its borders. Combat deployment of Russia’s another hypersonic-missile radar, Rezonans-N, is expected this month. It can detect stealth aircraft and hypersonic targets flying at speeds of upto Mach 2.0. The Rezonans-N can detect ballistic missiles flying at an altitude of 100km from 1,200km away.

The Konteiner radars receive radio signals reflected from ionosphere. Among other locations, Moscow plans to deploy Konteiner radar stations in the Arctic region.

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